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Hwæt! A meeting space for artists, writers and musicians

  • Casco 7 Lange Nieuwstraat Utrecht, UT, 3512 PA Netherlands (map)

You are warmly invited to the first Hwæt! A horizontal meeting space for artists, an experiment in commoning, providing/asking for support, sharing skills, unlearning and learning.

Please come if you need support, feedback and want to meet other artists, writers and musicians, especially if you are struggling in any areas of your work because of internal and/or external obstacles (and who isn't, these days?). We need you! And if you aren't struggling at all come over to support others. The point of Hwæt! is also to find collaborators, brainstorm crazy ideas, share resources, skills and tools.

This will be a regular event. We plan on meeting at least monthly, and more frequently if the need arises. It belongs to the people who attend: it is a flexible, malleable thing, which can become whatever we need it to be.

Some tips:
- Tell us about a project you are working on
- Bring a question that you want help answering.
- Tell us about an impasse, a discovery, an idea (political, conceptual, aesthetic, unclassifiable), an impossibility, a necessity...

If you have specific requests or if you would like to reserve a slot to present a project or an idea please email Valentina:
Reserving a slot is not mandatory since we will probably have enough time to chat and discuss things informally but it does help with logistics and it ensures that you will be able to present. We prefer to hear about your open questions and in-progress work rather than hearing about your show at the Guggenheim!

Why this name? "Hwæt!" is how the epic poem Beowulf starts. The literal translation is "what," but it really means something like: "Listen to this amazing story I am about to tell you!"
I believe it transmits the sense of urgency that most of us have when it comes to making and sharing our work. We can't do it alone. Come to Hwæt!

Doors open at 3:30pm, so come early to grab some tea, chat, admire the tree in the garden. The gathering will start at 4pm sharp! We will disband when it's time to disband (7pm at the latest! But we'll call it a day when we've had enough).